Players Who Could Improve The Premier League
 – Part One


The Premier League often boasts about being the best league in the world. It is definitely the most competitive, but after a luke warm showing in all the European competitions this season, can it really claim to be the best. We take a look at a few big name players that come come across and improve some of our biggest teams, helping the halt the charge of the Spanish and German dominance sweeping Europe’s big competitions.

Paul Pogba

The one that got away for Manchester Utd is on the radar of just about every major club in the world. This young Frenchman looks destined to become one of the worlds best midfield players, and has as much chance of joining one of the big two in Spain, or staying in Italy as he does of arriving in the English League with Manchester City or Chelsea. He is set too cost huge money, over £50 million and that could cause issues for the English clubs in terms of financial fair play. Still having him in the Premier League would improve it hugely.

Arturo Vidal

Another fantastic member of that Juventus midfield, Vidal would be available at half of the price of Pogba, which is a bargain for a player of his calibre. Not your usual flair player type of South American, the dynamic Chilean is a genuine centre mid. Offering a combative nature and supreme technical skill in equal measure. Linked to Arsenal and Manchester Utd, Chelsea or City would also benefit massively from his purchase. Chelsea especially as it would form a fearsome double act alongside Matic, allowing the mercurial Cesc Fabregas to push further up the pitch.

Mats Hummels

The commanding Dortmund legend, is a supreme centre back and one of the worlds most sort after properties. An on again off again love affair with Manchester Utd looks set to come to a had this summer, and getting him in the Premier League would massively lift the quality of defence at one of our nations biggest clubs. Hummels could be just the ticket.

Sergio Ramos

La Liga is constantly strengthening their best teams, with the purchase of our Premier League superstars. Rinaldo, Bale and now an imminent move for De Gea have all weakened our top competition. So why not hit back and take one of theirs to the Premiership? Manchester Utd are making big moves to make this one happen. If it will be part of the De Gea deal remains uncertain, but this one is gathering pace with every passing day, and would be a huge statement. Ramos is one fo the worlds best defenders and is a huge name all over the globe.

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