The Best Snacks for Watching Sports

chicken-wings-246167_640Watching sport isn’t just any old pastime, it can be an absolutely enthralling activity which so many people feel so passionate about, it is a great solo activity, but is made even better by watching with friends at home, or even better, in a stadium with thousands of fellow fans. The passion is clear to see and enough to make the hairs on your neck stand on end. The history of sports is rich, and its relationship with food lasts forever, as long ago as watching cricket with cucumber sandwiches to the modern day football snacks we all know and love.

Popcorn – long associated with watching movies and films, popcorn is also great for spectator sports and is sold in stadiums everywhere, and also is an amazing option for the home when having friends round to watch your top sporting events. Everyone loves popcorn and it comes in either salted or sweet and you can even experiment with your own flavors, if you’re serving at home a great way to do it is to use a popcorn maker which allows you to add your own variations.

Hot Dogs – seen in American sports stadiums, and indeed all over the world, hot dog vendors are iconic at baseball matches and other sports and are sold by people walking around the stands, meaning they go hand in hand with all sorts of sports.

Nachos and Dip – this is another food that has long been associated with watching, and is available either in cinemas or of course at home while watching the television. If you’re having friends over this is a great snack to serve up and a selection of dips is sure to have something for everyone, it is another that you can buy at live events all over the world and has a long standing tradition with not just American but worldwide sports.

Chicken Wings – these are harder to get out and about and obviously have to be cooked but the traditional snack goes perfectly with watching NFL, soccer or anything, and is great party food as you can easily pick them up and eat with your fingers, your guests will be sure to love it.


The relationship between all different kinds of events and food is long standing and when you think of food like hot dogs, the image of a big sporting match up might come straight into your head!

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