Products Which Improve a Footballer’s Performance

naniGone are the days where goalies didn’t wear gloves, boots would last for seasons at a time and balls were as hard as rocks. These days, football is all about performance, and thereĀ are a huge amount of products out there in order to help footballers fulfil their potential and play to the best of their abilities. So what are the best? Which will actually help you out on the pitch and which are a load of rubbish?

Posture braces are something which have become really popular in recent years, they’re great for training and are designed to support the back and full posture of your body while you run or train, many footballers opt against wearing them in matches but do put them on for training and warm ups to give their body a helping hand.

Vapor rubs. A bit more old fashioned, but they still do the trick, vapor rubs are designed to help with breathing and do a lot for your respiratory system which definitely helps performance in any sport. Some people use these more in cold weather as this may be when your chest struggles.

Boots. Football boots aren’t what they used to be, the days of a couple of pairs are gone, and with varied types of studs, levels of support and more then there is a huge amount out there that can change the way you play the game. Football boots recommended for a centre back may be very different from those of a more intricate, attacking player like a winger or a playmaker, Andrea Pirlo and John Terry probably wear very different boots made by nike, adidas and other top companies, and finding which ones suit your game can have a huge impact.

Knee and Ankle Braces. Knee and ankle injuries are probably the most common out there, especially in football, it is so easy to turn an ankle, but fortunately there are some top ankle braces out there which assist in stopping your ankles from rolling or inverting, which can lead to really nasty injuries. They’re also great if you’re recovering from a long term injury and can give you the confidence to play at the top level.

Thermals. Your body temperature is not just about comfort and can affect muscle performance and more, having the right thermal under layers can be really helpful with this.